Class XII – Political Science

Course Structure
Units Marks
1. Constitution why and how and philosophy of the constitutions 12
2. Rights in the Indian constitutions
3. Election and Representation 10
4. Executive
5. Legislature 10
6. Judiciary
7. Federalism 10
8. Local Governments
9. Constitution as a living document 8
Total 50
10. Political Theory : An introduction 10
11. Freedom
12. Equality 10
13. Social Justice
14. Rights 10
10. Citizenship
9. Nationalism 10
10. Secularism
9. Peace 10
10. Development
Total 50

Indian Constitution at Work

  • Enable students to understand the historical processes and the circumstances in which the Constitution was drafted.
  • Provide opportunity for students to become familiar with the diverse visions that guided the makers of the Indian Constitution.
  • Enable students to identify certain key features of the Constitution and compare these to other constitutions in the world.
  • Analyse the ways in which the provisions of the Constitution have worked in real political life.

Political Theory

  • Develop the skills for logical reasoning and abstraction.
  • Inculcate attention to and respect for viewpoints other than one’s own.
  • Introduce students to the different political thinkers in relation to a concept and in everyday social life.
  • Enable students to meaningfully participate in and develop internal concerns of the political life that surrounds them.
  • Encourage the students to analyse any unexamined prejudices that one may have inherited.

Contemporary World Politics

  • Enable the students to expand their horizons beyond India and make sense of the political map of contemporary world.
  • Familiarise the students with some of the key political events and processes in the post cold war era.
  • Equip students to be conscious of the way in which global event

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