About MyStudyPoint

Mystudypoint – Quality Delivery That Gives Your Child An Edge

At mystudypoint, the child benefits from a comprehensive curriculum delivered by experienced and expert faculty through an interactive and blended teaching pedagogy. Studymate prides itself in having faculty of the highest caliber, as we believe they form the backbone of our learning center.

We ensure that our faculty inherently displays values, which are synonymous with Studymate, namely – patience, approachability, confidence, result orientation and an unbiased attitude.

Within the classroom, learning is simplified by Technology-Aided Teaching as well as having study material and study notes collated by teachers who’ve demonstrated years of subject expertise

Crack the Boards with Studymate

We understand the importance of Board Exams in a student’s career and focus on building a strong foundation for them to excel in these exams. 1 of every 3 mystudypoint Students scores 90%+ in Class 12th & 10 GPA in Class 10th.

Preparations for Board Exams should start as early as Class 8. This is the first year, where students face a full year syllabus – a sea change, both in terms of volume and difficulty level. Class 8 and 9 are critical to build foundation for Class 10 Board Exams. Class 11 similarly forms base for Class 12 Boards. We prepare students for quantum increase in difficulty of syllabus in subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics and new subjects such as Accounts, Economics, Business Studies, Political Science and Computer Science.